Researcher| Author| Photographer

I’m a passionate and creative soul who uses the powerful mediums of writing and photography to ignite discussions, evoke contemplation, and delve into the very fabric of our society.

W ith every click of my camera and stroke of my pen, I embark on a journey to decipher the narratives that shape us, provoke dialogues and breathe life into the stories that often go untold. Together, let’s traverse the captivating landscapes of culture, identity, and transformation through the lens of creativity.

Luisa Machacon Photographer, Researcher and Storyteller



Poetry book: No guardamos las semillas

Libro de poesía - autora Colombiana - No guardamos las semillas

I wrote ‘We Did Not Keep the Seeds’ as an exploration of the intricate interplay between nature, memory, environmental, and social consciousness in both the Colombian and European landscapes. By setting the narrative against the backdrop of my Colombian roots and the country’s conflict, I aimed to adopt a contemplative stance, offering a unique perspective from a distant vantage point. Through my reflective verses, the book delves into the profound impact of nature’s resilience intertwined with the tapestry of my personal memories, while simultaneously, I engage in introspective musings about the art of writing, adding a layer of meta-awareness to the poetry.

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Before the farewell to arms: A transition zone in Colombia


Through the images presented in this exhibition, we gain a glimpse into the daily lives of former FARC-EP combatants as they await their disarmament and the commencement of their new political party.


We Care: Photography and Poetry Exhibition


We Care explores those deep, familiar relationships and intergenerational connections. The 15 portraits and poetry that are part of this exhibition are a reflection of how daily life activities can become rituals of reflection about femininity, erotism and a way to transmit oral traditions from one generation to the next.